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SQL Server  is one of the most powerful & popular database. Database plays important role for any successfull business application. There are various version released by
 Microsoft for SQL Server. SQL Server 2000,2005,2008, DENALI are various version on which Agiletech provide there solutions.

Using Microsoft SQL Server you can

 • Design a Normalize database

•SQL Server helps you in disaster recovery. It provides various techniques like LogShipping , Mirroring, Replication which you can use in your project.
•SQL Server also support Very large scale databases and agiletech has expertise in handling large scale database.
•Performance tuning ,Query optimization are the key skills which require for a SQL expert  and Agiletech provide you expert with these key features.
•Agiletech expertise in handing Cluster, Heap and Non-cluster indexes, Database Engine Tuning Advisor, SQL Profiler.

Agiletech Developers has following features

* Agiletech developers are expert in planning Databases
 & Creating Databases.
*Agiletech developers are expert in planning a backup Strategy plan
* Agiletech developers are expert in handling large databases. We can provide Partioning solution to handle large database.


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